Online Activity Booking Engine on Online Activity Booking System

Those who offer activities or rentals to Bonaire visitors can arrange to market and sell their tours, activities, and rentals on  This program allows for the provider to:

  • Create and manage tour capacities and inventory
  • Visualize and modify inventory
  • Personalize your branding
  • Stay in touch with your customers
  • Accelerate “word-of-mouth” marketing
  • Manage your bookings, guest information, and manifest lists

Tours and activities, including rentals, can be booked immediately by the consumer online at, or can be sold on the provider’s own web site via the InfoBonaire booking system.

How does a visitor to Bonaire use this system?

The InfoBonaire booking system offers an Activity Finder, which visitors to Bonaire can use to easily find what activities are offered during their travel dates.  This is available on over 250 pages on InfoBonaire.

Additionally, the activities section of InfoBonaire actively markets the offerings of all tour providers enrolled in the system as well as from the provider’s company listing on InfoBonaire.

Finally, if the tour provider has elected to have an individual company page on InfoBonaire, the tours, activities, or rentals are offered from that platform as well.

What are you responsible for?

Tour providers who enroll in the system will be responsible for the following items:

  • Creating your activities’ profiles (with initial assistance from NetTech)
  • Managing your inventory to avoid an over-booking situation
  • Checking tour manifests for online or point-of-sale bookings
What are the costs?

There is a $29.00/month fee, plus sales tax, which is payable quarterly and in advance of services.  This fee covers the cost of maintaining your online account, which can be used to sell tours, rentals, or other activities.

If a tour, rental, or activity is booked from InfoBonaire, a 6% service charge is deducted to cover credit card fees and processing, and a 15% charge is deducted as commission.

If a tour, rental or activity is booked from a provider’s own web site, utilizing the InfoBonaire Booking System, a 6% service charge is deducted to cover credit card fees and processing, and a 7.5% charge is deducted as a commission.  Integration on the provider’s own web site is done by the provider’s own web developer, not NetTech; integration code will be provided by NetTech in order to implement the booking system on another web site outside of InfoBonaire.

There is a one-time set up fee of $50.00, plus sales tax, which covers the initial account setup and coordination, and the placement of two activities online.  Additional activities can be set up by NetTech at the cost of $20.00, plus sales tax, per tour, rental, or activity.  Providers may elect to do their own set up of additional activities as well.

For additional information, email NetTech.