About NetTech NV

NetTech NV, founded in 1998, provides a variety of Internet-related services, including:

  • Internet Consulting – dealing primarily with developing a complete Internet marketing strategy, but also providing assistance to businesses wanting to understand how the Internet can benefit them
  • Web site maintenance needed to keep websites fresh and people coming back
  • Website Design, including CMS WordPress sites. 
  • Training in Web page design and digital photographic optimization
  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphics design
  • Consulting for small business operations, marketing, and growth
  • Editorial services, including writing advertising copy, articles, books, as well as editing similar materials produced by others. This includes refining English language text generated by persons whose primary language is something other than English, in order to help avoid embarrassing spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Desktop publishing, including newsletters, advertisements, and promotional materials
  • Photographic services, including custom shoots, stock photography, and digital optimization

The owners of NetTech N.V. bring years of experience in layout and design to the computer desktop and have achieved success via the KISS principle – Keeping It Sweet and Simple. While we can certainly produce something with lots of visual noise, we prefer not to – our goal is to help our clients get a message out to their customers in the best way possible, and we’ve learned that our KISS philosophy is the most successful in accomplishing that goal. Part of KISS is making sure that what we produce is usable/viewable by the broadest range of potential customers, and in web terms that means sticking to features supported by a majority of Web browsers – we, therefore, avoid custom & proprietary browser extensions.