Missing Emails?

If you think that you might be missing emails, please read through the possibilities below to see if any of these might apply.


Problem: Local spam trap in the recipient’s e-mail client software.

Solution: Check the spam filter or junk mail box on your local computer.

Problem: Sender error – sender thought they sent the message, but didn’t, or they sent it to the wrong address.

Solution: Request sender to resend their original mail and verify they have
your correct email address. Sender should also CC another e-mail address
they have, such as a Hotmail or Yahoo or GMail account on that message to verify the message left their ISP’s mail server.

Problem: Sender server error – sender’s mail server did something with the message other than trying to deliver it to the Barracuda (the “Barracuda” is the name of the anti-spam device installed on most NetTech email accounts) at NetTech’s server.

Solution: In this case, your sender must contact their email service provider to have them check their logs to see if an attempt was actually made to deliver their message, and if not, resolve with ther sender’s ISP why that was.

Problem: Sender receives a bounce from the Barracuda or the NetTech mail server, but doesn’t know what the bounce message means and ignores it.

Solution: If your senders ever report receiving a bounced message when trying to send to your email account with NetTech, please ask them to actually read the bounce message – there is typically a plain English explanation as to why a message bounced. If that fails to provide clarity, they could forward the bounced message with headers to NetTech at info@nettechnv.com, or FAX the entire bounced message with headers to +599-717-7854+599-717-7854, so that the problem can be investigated. (How do I find full headers?)

Problem: Barracuda accepts the message for the user but quarantines it, and the receiver does not check the quarantine or processes it improperly.

Solution: Be sure to properly work the quarantine reports as you get them. If you are unsure as to how to do that, click here to learn.